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Muskrat Sally

One of the pitfalls of being the child of immigrants is that you occasionally mess up idioms and popular sayings. Yesterday I found out it’s actually. “Mustang Sally,” not “Muskrat Sally.”

Lunch Crisis

It’s slow today at work and I have a frivolous lunch problem. I usually try to pack enough food to last me all day long, but it always seems to be gone by 11:30, especially on slow days, and then… Read More ›

Rata de Dos Patas

So I am not really a vindictive or hateful kind of person, but if I were this would be the breakup song I’d choose. It’s just too great not to post and it really made me laugh. So if ever… Read More ›

Bull Run Regional Park

Whenever I go to Bull Run Park I can’t help but become a little nostalgic for my childhood. This is probably the largest park in Centreville and on nice weekends, it’s full of families barbecuing, kids having fun, people jogging… Read More ›

Snow Day

We were supposed to get eight inches of snow today. As was expected, this didn’t happen. It wasn’t exactly the “major snow event” the weather people predicted because it’s not cold enough, but it’s more snow than we’ve seen in… Read More ›

Shenandoah Fall Foliage Festival

Because I’ve recently become outdoorsy in life rather than only in my imagination, I’ve started researching outdoorsy things I can do beyond hiking. And I found this: Shenandoah Fall Foliage Anybody care to join me?

Good News

It seems the four pounds were water weight. I only gained 0.8 pounds. Not great, but not terrible. Back to Yoga and Zumba this week.

So Easy to Gain, So Hard to Lose

It takes me about two weeks to lose four pounds. Two weeks of low carbs, calorie-counting, StairMaster  Zumba, yoga, elliptical, treadmill, rowing machines, long weekend hikes and general hard work. I ate out three days in a row and skipped Zumba… Read More ›

One with the Universe

About three months ago I woke up with a sudden and unstoppable desire to get active. From what I hear, this is pretty common after a breakup. During my lunch break, I would sometimes find I’d walked three miles thinking about absolutely… Read More ›

I’m Back!

As a friend pointed out, it’s been over a year since my last post, but I’m going to try to get back into blogging. 2012 was not the best of years, but 2013 is looking pretty good so far and… Read More ›

Standing in Line

Standing in line today in Safeway, I had the following conversation: Man with long grey hair combed back, wearing a red Hawaiian shirt artfully decorated with surfboards and race cars with khakis and loafers regarding a 20 something hipster wearing… Read More ›


Since I last updated my blog, there have been several developments in my life. First, I got a job. I now work as a mental health specialist with a non-profit in Arlington and have fantastic hours: 1-9, which leaves me… Read More ›

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been staying in Colombia for four to six month periods for over two years, so my grandma had gotten used to me visisting on a daily basis,… Read More ›

I’m Joining a Church

For my multicultural counseling class, one of our assignments is to, I quote, choose a specific cultural group and get involved in some way or with a specific activity within a group. We are supposed to choose something that pushes… Read More ›


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