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Tiny Houses and Simplified Living

I’ve always been fascinated by small, enclosed spaces. When I was little, I liked creating these miniature drawings of make-believe ladybug, fairy, leprechaun and elf worlds transpiring under ordinary mushrooms, flowers or blades of grass that towered over the tiny creatures they… Read More ›

Thank Goodness for Gary

I live in the Claremont Historic District (perhaps historic, but not exactly aesthetic) a small, hilly neighborhood of mostly tiny, brick ranch style homes built by an impressively uninspired architect in the late 1940s. The homes are modest because once… Read More ›

Boobie Look Warm

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of junk mail. And a lot of spam comments on my blog. The basic consensus of these comments/emails is that I’m getting old and wrinkled and need a booby lifting bra. This morning I… Read More ›

High Angles, Please

If you are carrying around a few extra pounds and want a flattering picture of yourself, I recommend asking a girlfriend to do you the favor. Girls know all the right angles and poses. Guys? Not so much. Sure a… Read More ›

Cooking Sucks

  I have a whole new respect for cooks and fast food workers. This past weekend I had not one but two BBQs and decided to make cheesy arepas, which are basically cornmeal stuffed with cheese then fried. I think… Read More ›

Old, Long-haired Irish Guy

I was really hoping to start blogging more consistently this summer, but very important things got in the way this week. For example, I discovered aging and wig apps on my iphone, which means I’ve been aging/wigging everyone I know…. Read More ›


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