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Morning Workout?

As you may know, I just started my pre-Colombian boot camp yesterday. A friend suggested the Insanity workout program for weight loss, and, as it  turns out, another friend of mine bought the DVDs a while ago and told me I could borrow… Read More ›

You Get What You Give

In continuation of the Me, Me, Me theme that has dominated this month’s blog entries, I’ve decided to update my loyal readers yet again on the status of my life. This has been a weird month. Lots of changes and transitions and… Read More ›

New Suburban Find: Mosaic District

Last night I met some friends for happy hour at Matchbox in the relatively new Mosaic District in the Fairfax/Falls Church/Merrifield area.  The original plan was to watch The Great Gatsby afterwards but this didn’t exactly pan out. I haven’t been able to pinpoint… Read More ›

Online Dating Update

So I’ve been on this dating website for about a week now. I made some slight changes to my profile after consulting with a few friends who said 1.) My pictures were too emo and not very flattering and 2.)… Read More ›

Happy Hour Exploration Part I

I’ve been exploring this whole happy hour concept a lot lately so I figured I should start reviewing some of the places I’ve been to. And if anybody wants to join me some time for some investigative happy hour journalism,… Read More ›

Single in D.C: Now What?

So I am now definitely, unequivocally single and It’s time for me to delve into something I’ve never explored before: Dating in the D.C area. I left the leafy suburbs of northern Virginia for the higher (more polluted) altitudes of… Read More ›

Joining Things

I’ve never been much of a joiner, mostly because I didn’t particularly enjoy group activities or being around a lot of people. However, now at the ripe old age of 28, I find that I actually like being around people…. Read More ›

I’m Joining a Church

For my multicultural counseling class, one of our assignments is to, I quote, choose a specific cultural group and get involved in some way or with a specific activity within a group. We are supposed to choose something that pushes… Read More ›


Here it is: My brand new, homemade, knitted scarf. My scarf cost COL$30,000 to make (Two classes with Alvaro and two balls of yarn) and I could have bought it for COL10,000 at a shop, but I am extremely proud… Read More ›

My Knitting Club

Today I attended my first knitting class. Pictured below, you can see my first creation, an unattractive, pine green scarf  made through a sort of finger-weaving technique. It’s about ten feet long and has yarn “pelos” sprouting all over. Apparently,… Read More ›


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